Want to Visit the Tairona: Kogi?

ed:    tours to the “lost city” la ciudad perdida (it is not lost, it is a sacred site) are not sanctioned by the Tairona:Kogi. there are also videos encouraging tours. these video invitations are also not sanctioned (see sidebar links) if you care about yourself, our world, the kogi -keepers of humanity and our environment, do not seek out the kogi, the elder brothers who are daily doing ceremony for the rest of the world – that is their job, their task, their ceremony which holds back much social and environmental devastation. If the Tairona:Kogi wish to meet you, they will send a trusted emissary.

indians_737810cas  Alain Ereira of  Tairona Heritage Trust says,

The first thing to say about meeting the Tairona is – PLEASE DON’T TRY.


Alain Ereira

These people are the conscientious guardians of a tradition, philosophy and form of thought that has been pretty effectively destroyed everywhere else in the world by the advance of our own culture.  The most isolated of the Tairona communities, the Kogi, know very well that isolation is their only possibility for survival.

The original European invaders of America carried death on their breath and their bodies, in the form of invisible infections which wiped out perhaps as many as nine out of every ten inhabitants of the continent.  Even the best-intentioned among them were, however inadvertantly, the carriers of destruction.

We also carry infections.  But more than that, we carry our own way of perceiving and understanding the world, and however well-intentioned we may be, we re-form the consciousness of others.  We teach more than we learn, and so we change the people we meet.  That is why the Kogi demand that we stay away.

For the new film, ALUNA, the Kogi themselves organised everything in the Sierra, and eventually took complete control of the filming.  They also reviewed, discussed and changed the film cut.

The Kogi think in terms of levels of cultural pollution; the lower down the mountain they go, the more of it they encounter.  Whole areas of the Sierra are closed to whole groups of Kogi, because they have become too polluted by outside contact.

The Tairona do not want to be met.  But they do want to be listened to.

And that is not for their sake.  It is for ours.

How to access Aluna the movie.

extract from Jonathan.  read the whole thing here.


jonathan evatt

please know that they have NO interest in people coming to visit them and their sacred lands. This includes visiting La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City), which for the Kogi was never “lost”. Rather, it was purposefully hidden, because it is an incredibly sacred site that even many Kogi are not permitted to visit… and certainly not tourists.

The Kogi have gone to GREAT lengths, for the past 500+ years to keep their sacred lands free from the energy and unconscious spiritual issues of outsiders. This is something the average “Westerner” might have a hard time understanding. But all we need to understand is that the Kogi DON’T want people visiting their lands, and whether we understand the spiritual reasons for this, or not, is unimportant. Being in their territories uninvited is like walking into a complete stranger’s house, uninvited, and walking through the rooms of that house as if it were your own. It is rude and inappropriate. Please take this to HEART and KNOW what it means to violate their wish to NOT have outsiders in their sacred lands.

If you feel—and KNOW within your heart—that you have a genuine calling (not just idle curiosity) to support the Kogi in some way, my only recommendation is that you take a serious and sincere interest in recovering your attention from the great many distractions—most especially “spiritual” distractions—and doing what it takes to come into greater consciousness of who you are as Spirit, where you are from as Spirit, and precisely why you are here, as Spirit. This is hard and, at times, painstaking work.

Most importantly, know that the message of the Kogi is a practical one. That we day-by-day apply ourselves to the deep work of resolving our issues, misconceptions, projections, negative tendencies, etc. And that we do EVERYTHING within our power to stop living a lie (the Modern world) which is quite obviously destructive and out of alignment with LIFE. In simple terms, they are making it clear that the Western world must drastically change its ways, less we go through drastic changes. If you’re reading this, that likely includes you. The Kogi are not simply something interesting for our entertainment or idle curiosity. They do NOT wish to be idolised, for that only marginalises the deep importance of their message, which is, in reality, the Mother’s message. AND once more, they do NOT want people trying to visit their sacred lands in Columbia. Such actions are deeply inappropriate.

Read much more of the Kogi on Johnathan’s site


5 thoughts on “Want to Visit the Tairona: Kogi?

  1. From my heart to yours, thank you for sharing this important message.

    It’s such a sad state on affairs and unconsciousness that so many people who feel drawn to the ways and message of the Kogi allow themselves to then frontal abuse their wishes and sacred lands by doing the one thing the Kogi most DON’T want.
    It’s just one of the many destructive ironies of the insanity of the Western/modern state of mind.

    Again, thank you.
    With heart, Jonathan Evatt

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  2. A friend invited me to a ceremony and talk by a Kogi mamo in Cusco this week. I didn’t know anything about the Kogi, so I found your documentaries, and I am blown away. I can’t believe I get to meet one of them in a couple of days. Thank you for sharing this.


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