Dawn of a New Time Gathering: Colombia 2011

The Dawn of a New Time–A Sacred Solar Ceremony

Published on Jan 6, 2016

During the event, “The Dawn of a New Time” in 2011, over 400 people gathered from around the world to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta region in Colombia.

The four tribes from this region are the Arhuco, Kogis, Wiwa and Kankuamos and they welcomed all of us to their sacred spaces. Many of the visitors, the participants who specifically gathered for this event, came from countless tribes from all around the world.

This cultural exchange was hosted by Arhuaco elders with their guests from the Wiwa people. After several days of ceremony, discussion and experiencing the Arhuaco way of life many participants were visibly moved and changed forever.

On the 4th day, the President of the Grand Itza Maya Council of 13 Elders of the Yucatan, Pedro Pablo Chuc Cech and the Incan Sun Priest, Naupany Puma (two of the invited guests) introduced this sacred, precious and ancient ceremony. This “Sacred Solar Ceremony with the Sun-Rainbow” was intended to be inclusive of all tribes, to express deep reverence for all sentient beings, to bridge and unify the masculine and the feminine and to give homage to our sacred planet, the sun, the moon and the universe itself.

This ceremony, as well as other ceremonies and messages from these gatherings, are intended to help forge new ways of being, as the indigenous believe that this is “the Dawn of a New Time.”

This film was collaboratively created by the Foundation for Global Humanity (FGH).
FGH would like to thank the following:
The Arhuaco People for opening their homes, land and hearts.
The People of Ikarwa who hosted over 400 people in their beautiful community.
The Wiwa People for their participation in this gathering
The participants of “the Dawn of a New Time,” from around the world, for allowing the filming of this event.
The indigenous Elders and spiritual leaders who traveled from around the world for this gathering.

Pedro Pable Chuc Pec President of the Grand Itza Maya Council of 13 Elders of the Yucatan
Naupany Puma-Ecuador
[Special thanks to the translators: Sebatian Ramos and Sylvia Murillo]

James Uqualla-Havasupai
Diane Uqualla-Havasupai
Christobal Cojti-Mayan
Grandma Pauline Tangiora-Maori
Kazumi-Okinawa, Japan
Tata Jose-Huichol

Much Gratitude to the kitchen staff at the Dawn of a New Time for their hard work and delicious food.

The donations of the Participants and others raised $19,000.00 for the Tayrona Indigenous Council. This money will be invested to the cultural and spiritual permanence of the Arhuaco and Wiwa People.

This film, as well as several other film clips created from this event, would not be possible without the help and dedication of The Dawn of a New Time coordinators:

Juan Felipe Robledo
Patricia Salazar
Adam Yelowbird DeArmon
Calixto Suarez
Ruth Izquierdo
Aise Rosado

For more information on Naupany Puma go to pachakutec.com

For information on the Foundation for Global Humanity go to f4gh.org

The Dawn of a New Time – Interview with the Mamos
Uploaded on Jan 9, 2012

Foundation for Global Humanity is pleased to present this interview with the Arhuaco Mamos on the last day of”The Dawn of a New Time” gathering. The gathering took place near Valledupar, Colombia in August of 2011.

The gathering included over 400 participants from around the world to learn about the ways of the Arhuaco people. For additional information or to provide support (donations) that go directly to the Arhuaco people, contact the Tayrona Indigenous Confederation, official representatives of the Arhuaco people, at resguardoarhuaco@hotmail.com or connabusimake@hotmail.com.

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