About the Editor

at the very core of my being, i have always felt:
* we are each others brothers and sisters
* our high health is our greatest asset and responsibility.
* world peace is so very possible, and i envision it and feel it every day
* when i follow my heart, i am free and abundant
* children and the elderly and the disabled must be protected and nourished – it is our primary task
* the animals and plants and rocks are my brothers and sisters
* Great Nature is my mother
* Great Spirit is my father
* my highest happiness is when i live in peace with my fellow humans and animals
* it is not the responsibility of faceless government to look out for us, it is our responsibility to discover how to live in one accord with each other and raise our wise leaders from within – and it always has been

despite the many so-called attractions of my culture, i still do not feel at home in this post-industrial monolithic giant machine, as it does not value my human values.

against all odds, against all of my critics, year in and year out, i have remained true to my vision and my innermost guidance. i know that there are people in the world who do live in peace , and they have loads of fun doing so. twenty years ago, i went with my young son to an isolated pacific island coral atoll, self-governed and self contained, and no currency was needed. we went through a ceremony which made us villagers, sheer bliss.

and now, i am actively looking for my paradise of peace.
i will find a place somewhere on this earth where people are living in peace with themselves and with the land and with the animals: where they are self-governed, not colonised; where land is sacred and honored, it is not bought and sold; where people have a shared economy, necessitating a dependence on one another, not a competitive economy of scarcity; where people truly madly deeply have fun together, not isolated in all their wonderful achievements; where people are highly individuated and happily so, not constantly having to prove themselves, where people live very simply …. and i will join them.


august 2015

i don’t know about new age stuff, about spiritual stuff. i know my father , great father spirit, i know my great mother nature who nurtures and feeds me and shelters me.

i don’t know about being an individual. i know we are each others brothers and sisters, happy in groups for our mutual benefit.

i don’t know about enlightenment, i know it is always best to live from the core of my being which is the highest and loveliest and most fun way to be a human being.

i don’t know about “we are all connected”, or about being like-minded, about joining “affinity” groups. i know that i, along with the rocks and clay and the roots and the leaves hold water in our cells. just as you do.  i know that as we breathe out, our breath carries the water which floats into the clouds which rise to the mountains which falls as rain. so we might as well do it together.

i know what it is like to be without a body. it is a commonplace blissful, joyful peace and infinitely interesting. yet presently, i love having a body and i eat fruit and drink water and enjoy the chatter of children splashing in the sea beside me. i love the warmth of lovingkindness and silliness.

i don’t have any beliefs. why do i need beliefs when the obvious is before me every day: the earth, the sky, the water, the plants, the rocks, the lizards and birds, the trees, a laughing child, a pregnant woman, the gentle expression of an elder tells me all i need to know.


april 2016